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GPRS GSM Internet wireless anemometer / meteo station

Price GPRS Anemometer - on request.
Price GPRS Weather stations - on request.

Principle of operation

The data collected from the sensor wind speed and direction and other sensors wirelessly transmitted to the controller via GPRS to our or your server on the Internet, where they can be viewed in real time and downloaded as a complete archive.

The main functions

Collection, storage and transmission of weather data to a server on the Internet every minute.
Collection and transfer to the server level voltage input power.
Input for connecting a normally closed sensor integrated alarm / siren on the event.

Additional functions (not included in delivery)

Duplication of information collected on embedded memory card standard micro SD.

Transfer data to a computer by cable over long distances.
Standard Connectivity - RS232 or USB.

Connection to the controller anemorumbometra second.
Connection to the controller speed sensor and built-tachometer.

Connecting to a standard energy meter with pulse output.

Configuring the controller inputs as frequency counters and voltmerov to connect other equipment to the examples of occupational anemometers with analog outputs.

Built-in heater for the expansion of the lower temperature range.

Cost of operation

The cost of GPRS traffic per month about $ 5.
The controller does not require maintenance. There are two levels of the breakdown.
The controller has an industry standard quality design and construction with the moisture, temperature and dust resistance.

The measured values

GPRS Anemometer:

- Bit rate and direction
- Temperature

GPRS Weather Station:

- Bit rate and direction
- Temperature
- Atmospheric pressure
- Humidity


Wind direction - 16 sectors
Wind speed - from 0 to 66 m / s - 5%
Pressure - 2%
Humidity - 2%
Temperature - 2%

Operating conditions

Operating temperature - 40 to +60 degrees Celsius.
The devices are designed for outdoor or room setting.

Power Supplies

Voltage of the external power supply from 5 to 9 volts from the power supply or external battery.
A built-in Li-ion 1500 mAh battery that can work if the main power supply.

Current consumption data acquisition at 5 volts, 50 mA.
Current consumption at data in seconds from 250 mA to 2 A (depending on the length of the CS)

Technical support

All buyers is complete technical and warranty support.

1 year warranty

1. Speed ​​sensor and wind Davis with fixings for the mast.
2. Acquisition unit and data from the sensor.
3. Power supply 220/USB
4. All necessary wiring.
5. Space on the server for viewing and storage of data.
6. Assistance in setting up and commissioning.
7. Help in making your site for collecting and gathering data.

the company's staff.